The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is based on a simple insight, the way we habitually hold and move our bodies decisively influences our well being. Over 100 years ago F. M. Alexander developed this insight into the educational process that informs my teaching.

The Alexander Technique has more than a century of success stories. It has been known to increase physical and emotional well being as well as enhance creativity and stage presence; performance acuity in athletes, performing artists and meditation practitioners.

In an Alexander Technique lesson we explore challenges without stress and relaxation without boredom.

No wonder so many musicians, actors, dancers, singers, writers, athletes, meditators and spiritual seekers have found benefit. Whoever you are, the work feels wonderful and some even say blissful and it works!


Imagine waiting in line at the grocery store feeling patient… or at your computer feeling comfortable and refreshed… join me and reawaken your birthright of creatively inspired comfort and ease anywhere & anytime, all day long.


How would it feel to know that you’re passionate about and physically aligned with your purpose? Join me and learn to awaken your sleeping passions and align your heart & soul and be more alive than ever!


Learn to move from stressed-out frustration to joyful ease or from unmotivated to energized – I’ve got your back and together, you’ll learn the tools needed to enter any situation with a joyful heart and an open mind.

“[We] translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.”

— F. M. Alexander