Work With Me

All payments are are non-refundable. We encourage you to make a thoughtful, well- researched decision whether to purchase an Embodied Living service or not.

In My Studio

Have you been trying unsuccessfully to get into shape, start meditating, or increase your energy… for way too long?

Ready to work one-on-one with a master mentor?

  • Move from stressed out to peacefully present
  • Realize Ah-ha! moments of genuine growth and change
  • Take charge of your life and move forward

Enjoy all the in-person mentorship you need to ensure breakthroughs that are real, lasting and put into action.

If you’re ready to shine your natural inner radiance and live your most vibrant life ever, give me a call or drop me an email to set up your free introductory session. Let’s get started today!

Your Investment

One Hour Session

$150.00Add to cart

4 month “Make it Happen” Immersion

$2,000.00Add to cart

At Work

Imagine your work team energized, focused and back on track with less stress and greater efficiency!

With my innovative Embodiment at Work program, your employees will learn the practical skills and tools to:

  • Immediately decrease stress and tension
  • Reduce burn out
  • Improve efficiency
  • Boost productivity
  • Optimize well-being and overall satisfaction

When you are ready to surround yourself with a high functioning, stress free staff that works well together – give us a call or an email to schedule a free strategy assessment.